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Diamond Publications Nigeria Limited - Homepage

Welcome to Diamond Publications


Diamond Publications is a publishing company of choice, with well received titles in diverse areas of human endeavour.

Established in 1989, she also publishes a unique journal of the media, Media Review, and offers customised printing and research services to discerning clients.

We are known for quality at affordable rates in all our printing projects. Our client-base cuts across different sectors of the economy, we have published books for corporate bodies and individuals.......more


Finally, the elections are here....

After much drama, which has seen candidates crisscrossing all over Nigeria, promising all manner of goodies at carnival-like campaign rallies, the Aelections are here. After all manner of accusations, scaremongering, hate speeches and barefaced lying, the elections are here. After a forced six week shift, attributed to the need to provide more security in the troubled northeast zone, the elections are finally here.

Officially, the presidential election parades more than a dozen candidates but in truth the race is between two men, the incumbent, President Goodluck Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party, and the persistent, General Muhammadu Buhari, of the All Progressives Congress, a former military ruler, who is making his fourth challenge for the presidency.

Unlike the previous four general elections, which the PDP won, this year's contest offers a more formidable opposition in the APC. Product of a merger of three parties that participated in the 2011 elections---the Congress for ........continue_reading

The Law of Defamation

This book is the product of a seminar held to examine the challenges posed by rapid developments in Information Communication Technology for information dissemination/publication and the Law of Defamation as we know it.

The idea of the seminar was to determine if the vast reach of ICT across geographical space to a globalised audience and its instantaneous nature of delivery across time divides have not outpaced the protections provided by our legal system for the reputation of the individual or corporate organization, when ICT is put to mischievous ends.

This is a book that examines him like no other has done. It is a valuable work to inspire the younger generation that diligent application to service is a pathway to fame and recognition....


Nigerian Columnists and Their Art

Diamond Publications' Nigerian Columnists and their Art is a groundbreaking book that discusses the art of opinion writing. It is a 60 year old journey that reproduces some of the finest opinion pieces published by columnists across different generations.

From the Bisi Onabanjos to the Abiodun Alobas, Peter Enahoros, to the Sam Amukas, Gbolabo Ogunsanwos, Reuben Abatis, Sam Omatseyes, Pini Jasons and Azu Ishiekwenes it's a useful discourse on what opinion writing is and the different classifications of the craft.

Get your copy at a leading bookshop near you and enjoy the useful insights of Adidi Uyo, Mike Awoyinfa, Ben Lawrence, Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase, Stanley Egbochuku, Tony Momoh, Lanre Idowu, Dan Agbese, Gbenga Omotoso, Maxim Uzoatu....


Training Accountants in Industry

Theophilus Adegboye ranks as one of the first Nigerians with a professional qualification (ACCA) in Accountancy at the UAC of Nigeria Plc. Educated at Bristol College of Commerce UK, he joined the UACN in 1962. He served conglomerate in various roles, which tasked his accountancy knowledge and training until he retired in 1991 as Executive Director, Treasury Operations.

In this uncommon training route he followed, and the attending rewards. He offers guidance on how today's Accountants can make their mark in Industry. It is a practical labour of love directed at Trainee Accountants but with valuable lessons for tested hands and even non Accountant..


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